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 Fishing Simalator 204 MB

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PostSubyek: Fishing Simalator 204 MB   Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:53 am
Many futures! This game greatly differs from ALL of its rivals. Here are only some of its advantages:
* You can fish in different parts of the world, different reservoirs.
* In a new version of the game you can fish even on Mars!
* Altogether in the game envisaged 50 different places, suitable for excellent bite.
* Photorealistic nature.
* Live water.
* You can catch any kind of fish.
* Simple system of improvements will not force you to make a detailed selection of tackle.
* Melodious relaxing music.
* All the music is recommended with the leading psychiatrists.
* Statistics in internet.
* Internet competitions. Only at our fishing you can compete with other fishermen in facilities.
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Fishing Simalator 204 MB
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